Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8th

Today we went to Europaaaa Park! It was so fun! Me, Jessica, Erin, Marin, Keith, Miranda, Caty, and Sarah were in a group riding rides. My favorite was Blue Ice. The Brraaaaannd new roller coaster. It was deffinitly THE BEST (: Another one I liked was Silver Star. This one didn`t go upside down but the drop went straight down. It was sooo fun. We also got to ride about 3 water rides. It felt good...because it was pretty warm today after the sun came out. Today was very funnnn, I was kinda hoping to stay later at the park though. It seemed like we didn`t have enough time. There was ONE ride I didn`t like. That was the haunted house thing. Realllllly freaked me out. I was holding on to Sarah the WHOLE time. And poor Miranda and Marin were by theirselves in their own car. Hah. Tomorrow were going to the Roman Bath House. I hope thats fun!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7th

Only 4 days left! I Don`t want to leave yet! But I do miss my family. I will miss everyone SO SO much here. Especially Marie`s family. Today seemed long. I dont know why. This morning we had "sports" with the French students. We played their verison of Dodge Ball. It was fun.. Even though they won. Haha After they came bowling with us. I won! With a score of 146! I finally got McDonald`s today! I was SO happy! I felt like a pig eating so much.. but oh well; im in France people (: We went walking around after lunch. Me, Grey, Caty, Miranda, Joe, Gina, Clara, Elena, Julie, Tara, and ALEX! my imaginary friendd. Just kidding. We went to the parliment building later today. Interesting stuff. Then I had dinner at Wanda`s and Im sitting her updating this and on facebook. Going to bed earlyyyy tonight! <3

April 6th

This morning.. I had to wake up at 4:30 to go to Paris! I went to bed late last night.. So that DID NOT help. Although.. It was deffinitly worth it. Paris was beautiful! I couldn`t wait to see the Eiffel Tower (: I got lots and lotsss of souviners for my family and friends. They will love them! When we got to the Eiffel Tower there were TONS of people! There had to be thousandss. I found out (while waiting to go up) that the top floor was closed. We could only go to the second. The veiw was amazing! I didn`t want to leave! After visiting the Eiffel Tower we went down to eat lunch in front of it. That was fun. We got ice-cream after.. I had been wanting ice-cream since I got here. It was theeeee best (: I got lots of good pictures of the Tower. I just haven`t been able to put them up. Then we went to a musuem with lots of paintings. We also saw the monalisa. That was prettty cool. The train ride back to Strasbourg seemed soooo long. It was very late when we got home too. I was so tired. I miss Paris!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 5th

I got good sleep last night. This morning we went to church again. I still couldn`t understand but I wasn`t as bored because Marie was there this time. I was soooo tired last night from the party. It was fun though! After church Marie`s, Flore`s, Julie`s, and another family went up in Germany to have a picnic. The weather was perfect. When we came home we relaxed the rest of the day. Were having crêpes for dinner. YAY! I love them (; PARIS TOMORROW. I heard its going to rain. Hopefully not. I can`t wait!

March 30th

Today was the first day with other French Students. We did the boat tour of Strasbourg today. It was beautiful! Kinda boring. But I still liked it. After that we did the tour of the Cathedral. It was so amazing! I loved watching the clock ring, it was amazing how it did that. I took a video of it (: Today is a short blogg.. sorry! (:

April 4th

Today I got to finally sleep in again. That was good. I went to bed around 12 last night and got up at 12. Later Grey and Flore came over for lunch. We had hotdogs and fries. yumm! We were taking lots of pictures(: After that we went down to the park for a few hours with some friends. That was fun too.. Then we went home to get ready for the Big dance Party. Me Miranda and Rianna were just hanging out kinda.. until some other people got there. It was so fun! The highlight of my day! Later that night Marie`s brother Martin tought me how to dance. That was fun too. I was so tired when we got home at like 1. Went to bed at 2

April 3rd

Today we went to see Obama`s speech! That was cool that we had the oppertunity to do that while in France. The speech wasn`t as long as I thought.. but I thought it was good. I may not have agreed with some things. But it was a powerful speech as well. Later that night Wanda and Meeeeranda came over to hqng out. We had pizza and we were dancing around in the kitchen to music. HAHA(: Then Me and Miranda we attepting to read a French book for kids! That didn`t work out as well as we thought. Hah. But im tired. Off to bed!